Meet Abby

New Leadership for the Betterment of Our Community

Growing up in Findlay and Hancock County I learned what it meant to be a good neighbor and the importance of one's character and reputation. And I'm proud to be a Findlay Hancock County native!


As the daughter of a Firefighter I learned the importance of both hard work and giving back to one's community. These are traits that continue to be very important to me today. 

In both my college experience, and in law school, I learned, applied my skills, and worked hard toward my achievements. Now, as an attorney who everyday advocates for the rights of others, I believe that I am well positioned to give back to my community in the way that I know best, advocating for others.


I will do this by giving a voice to those who feel that the local government doesn't listen to them or value their opinion. I will do this by also reaching out to the public and allowing for them to reach out to me as well, as we are all citizens of this community and should all be able to enjoy the ability to participate in our local governance. I will also do this by bridging the gaps in conversations about tough topics.

I believe strongly in the principles of democracy. I believe that if elected officials are not achieving, or even discussing, the goals of the community, then the community should reevaluate its desire to reelect those officials. I believe that tax payers should reap the benefits of their bargain, by way of services and facilities that meet their needs. I believe that the legislative process should be done in a public forum, or on the record, to allow for public comment, questions and dialogue. Without this protection and transparency leaders run the risk of alienating their constituents.

For these reasons, I am running for Findlay City Council At Large.

Abby Hefflinger


Paid for by The Committee to Elect Abigail Hefflinger

Treasurer: Alex Treece, 2325 S. Main St., Findlay, OH 45840